Is Beck And Jade Really Dating In Real Life

Best Answer:. Their jade names are Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia, and they’ve said that they aren’t dating. Life of make ‘ship’ them together, but I respect the fact real they say they aren’t dating therefore I believe them. Actually, there’s lots of speculation that Liz is a lesbian. Source s:. Related Questions Are Jade and Dating from victorious dating in real life? Who are dating jade real life-Victorious people.?

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This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. The series centers on Tori Vega, a student of Hollywood Arts, who gets into wacky unpredictable situations with her friends. Tori Vega portrayed by Victoria Justice is the younger sister of Trina Vega and attends Hollywood Arts, a performing arts high school, along with her sister.

Beck is lying on girlfriend Jade’s (Liz Gillies) lap while Tori (Victoria Justice) is leaning down and kissing him while simultaneously grabbing.

Subscriber Account active since. When the first episode of Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” premiered in March , it drew in millions of viewers and became one of the network’s most popular sitcoms. From to , “Victorious” provided fans with musical numbers, sneaky innuendos , and a new generation of young stars that included Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande. Keep reading to find out what the cast of “Victorious” has been up to since the show came out 10 years ago. Tori got into Hollywood Arts High School after taking her sister’s spot at an important showcase and proving her singing ability with the track “Make It Shine.

Justice is also a frequent attendee at New York Fashion Week. And in , she told Huffington Post that she’s down for a “Victorious” reunion. He was the first friend that Tori made at Hollywood Arts and convinced her to stay after she had a rough first day. He also helped produce and write songs for Grande’s debut album , “Yours Truly.

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Then her sister Trina gets sidelined by allergies right before her big performance at the Hollywood Arts school. Who can possibly step in for her? Let her sing it! Fans were disappointed when it ended in after four seasons.

Their real names are Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia, and they’ve said that they aren’t dating. Lots of fans ‘ship’ them together, but I respect.

You may remember this show from your pre-teen years on Nickelodeon. The show ‘Victorious’ aired on March 27th, and made its run until A show full of high school drama, epic singing battles, random theatrics and cute boys is what everyone wanted in a sitcom. The show was recently added on Netflix and fans are living for it.

The show follows Tori Vega, an aspiring singer who joins Hollywood Arts High School after taking her older sisters place. Tori meets a group of friends who get her through tough high school days, bizarre antics and situations. Despite Tori being the main star, fans on social media are expressing their love for Tori’s frenemy, Jade West.

Jade is the exact opposite of Tori in many ways. Jade is the goth in the group who wears all black and has dyed black hair with a streak of color. She is sarcastic and is labeled a ‘mean girl’, but not Regina George mean girl.

Victorious Cast’s Real-life Couples

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In , Nickelodeon announced the closure of two of its most-watched shows. The Dan Schneider produced Victorious and iCarly marked the end of their airing schedules. The show was cancelled after running three successful seasons on the popular cable TV network. After Victorious was discontinued from production, fans were devastated and wanted to know the reason behind it. Here is why the popular running show was discontinued after three seasons in Even today, many of the fans of the popular music-based TV series question why did Victorious get cancelled.

The answer to this is probably the feud between the leading actors from the Victorious. When the show ended its term back in with a successful third season, many fans questioned why did Victorious end.

Why Did Victorious Get Cancelled? Victorious Cast Shares The Reason

I think they want to, but Tori doesn’t want to be a bad friend to Jade by dating her ex boyfriend. Beck and Jade used to date but they broke up on the episode “The Wost Couple” but according to Dan creator of victorious on twitter, they will be getting back together in an episode named “Tori saves Beck and Jade”. In the beginning of victorious he’s with Jade together, but in season 3 they broke out the relationship and Beck is single.

Jade doesn’t like beck, she just uses him to look good! Beck likes Tori but Jade hates Tori.

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Bade has been marked as the longest article on the Victorious Wiki! Jade: So what are you gonna do about it? Nonetheless, it remains one of the more popular ships on the show, being without a doubt the vocally defended of the lot. Ironically, however, it appears to be a decidedly un popular pairing in-universe. The couple dated for a couple of years but ended their relationship in The Worst Couple.

However, they got back together in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade. See Elavan for the real-life pairing of the characters actors, Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia , who are also close friends off-screen. Beck and I aren’t splitting up! Refresh for another Bade quote. Beck’s character is mysterious and down-to-earth, whereas Jade’s character is dark and edgy. The pair’s dynamic is jealousy and possession.

Beck loves to playfully make Jade jealous whenever he can. When Jade says they aren’t about to break up, Beck sometimes replies with a questioning “Well

THEN AND NOW: The cast of ‘Victorious’ 10 years later

There’s no way you can truly know what heartbreak is until the TV couple you ship doesn’t get together before the show they’re on gets cancelled, which is the case for every poor soul who shipped Tori and Beck played by Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia on Nickelodeon’s Victorious! On the show, Beck ended up with his longtime girlfriend Jade, leaving every Bori shipper forever crying on the cold, hard ground.

But Victoria Justice just took to Twitter to share a movie poster from her upcoming movie, The Outskirts , and there are two things about the movie that’s going to make Bori shippers very, verrrrrry happy. First of all, the movie also stars Avan Jogia, which means we’re already sort of getting a Bori reunion, but even better: They’re going to be playing each other’s love interests!

Is beck dating jade in real life. So what are you gonna do about it? Bade also has its why wikis. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most popular jade defended.

Will beck and jade get back together? Best Answer. Yes , they do go back together. Tori decided to ‘re trying find Jade a dated so Beck can go out with whom he wants , so she and Andre pay a guy ask questions her out. He gets scared and does n’t do it , and Jade discover that he ‘s defrayed ask questions her out. Furious with Tori and Andre , she confronts them , but Beck halts her. When Tori he explains she ‘s was endeavouring to find her a dated , Jade tells Beck he can go out with whoever he wished to since they ‘re ruptured up.

Beck takes Meredith to the Full Moon Jam solely to find she is consistent with everything he ‘s sayings. This irritates him , and he tells Tori he wished to a girl who battles back and was no simple to dated. Right after that , Jade fulfils a song and Beck watches her.

Real Life Couples of Victorious